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Title: Port Authority Port Authority® - Long Sleeve Denim Shirt. 
Full Text: Showcase your logo on America's favorite fabric! You'll find versatility and reliability in our stonewashed denim shirt. | 6.5-ounce, 100% cotton Double-needle stitching Button-down collar Patch pocket Back pleat Button-through sleeve plackets and adjustable cuffs  
Sizes: XS-6XL 
Additional Info: Price applies to sizes XS-XL 
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Blank Pricing:
S600 | L, M, S, XL, XS | Faded Denim*28.7428.7424.9121.2320.9420.8820.4920.4820.4716.95
S600 | 6XL | Faded Denim*41.8741.8736.2930.9330.5330.4629.9129.9029.8924.75
S600 | 5XL | Faded Denim*39.9939.9934.6629.5429.1629.0928.5728.5628.5523.63
S600 | 4XL | Faded Denim*36.2436.2431.4126.7726.4226.3525.8825.8625.8621.40
S600 | 3XL | Faded Denim*34.3734.3729.7925.3925.0524.9824.5324.5224.5120.29
S600 | 2XL | Faded Denim*30.6230.6226.5422.6222.3122.2521.8421.8321.8218.06

Screenprint Pricing (Item and 1 color print):
S600 | L, M, S, XL, XS | Faded Denim*54.7639.1527.9823.5322.4322.1221.4621.4121.2817.48
S600 | 6XL | Faded Denim*67.8952.2839.3633.2332.0331.7030.8830.8330.7025.28
S600 | 5XL | Faded Denim*66.0150.4037.7431.8530.6630.3329.5329.4929.3524.17
S600 | 4XL | Faded Denim*62.2646.6534.4829.0827.9227.5926.8426.8026.6621.94
S600 | 3XL | Faded Denim*60.3944.7732.8627.6926.5526.2325.4925.4525.3120.83
S600 | 2XL | Faded Denim*56.6441.0229.6124.9223.8023.4922.8022.7622.6218.60

Embroidery Pricing: (Item and embroidery)
S600 | L, M, S, XL, XS | Faded Denim*35.2534.8129.0624.5223.8723.1622.4222.3422.2118.18
S600 | 6XL | Faded Denim*48.3747.9440.4434.2233.4732.7531.8431.7631.6325.98
S600 | 5XL | Faded Denim*46.5046.0638.8132.8332.0931.3830.5030.4230.2824.86
S600 | 4XL | Faded Denim*42.7542.3135.5630.0629.3528.6427.8027.7327.5922.63
S600 | 3XL | Faded Denim*40.8740.4433.9328.6827.9827.2726.4626.3826.2521.52
S600 | 2XL | Faded Denim*37.1236.6930.6825.9125.2424.5323.7723.6923.5619.29

Extra Fees:
Embroidery-Extra Stitches0.
Screen-Extra Color10.415.200.920.660.590.460.350.320.220.09
Screen-Extra Location16.916.772.001.510.980.810.640.600.480.35

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100% Cotton
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Port Authority

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