Welcome Distributors and Wholesalers,

We do offer a wholesale distributor program with multiple levels of pricing depending on your volume and business size.  All prices are displayed on this website upon login, as well as the full retail price and our own proprietarily calculated near wholesale internet pricing.  We do currently sell directly to the consumer at near wholesale pricing, however, we put most of our efforts on our distributors by offering these specialty distributor services to allow your company to thrive while someone else adds that extra marketing flare that make you stand out from your competition.  In addition, we strive to fully automate not just our system, but yours to...read below for more details.

Specialty Distributor Services:
Drop shipping to your clients (saving shipping and time)
Tagging products with YOUR logos, not OURS
Stuffing packages with YOUR marketing materials
Using specialty packaging with YOUR logos
Packing lists WITHOUT pricing on them, with YOUR logo
Pricing on the website includes your price and retail price
Product Sheets can be printed with retail pricing only, and YOUR logos
Automatic Status updates to YOU and your CUSTOMER from your company email address
Website where your customers can retrieve their order status information, all with your logos and color scheme (soon)
Website can also display products and offer a shopping cart experience, all with your logos and color scheme (soon)

And of course our base offerings:
Contract Embroidery & Printing with Price Guarantee
Individual Poly bagging
Individual Folding
Tissue Inserts
Double or Triple backing on Embroidery
Glued stitch backings to keep thread tight
Registration System for perfect alignments

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