The logo or design that is sent to us needs to follow a few guidelines if you are to receive the best looking product with the lowest possible art/digitizing fee. Below are a few general guidlines to follow.

Here's what we need:
- Minimum 4-5 inches on screen size.
- Crisp clean distinct lines, avoid fuzzy blown up pictures.
- We accept any art format: jpg, gif, bmp, tif, cdr, psd, cpt, ai, png, etc.
- Detailed specifications about what you would like to add or change about the design, including lettering and colors.
- Make sure fonts are embedded into the picture file if sending vector art or word documents.  We may not have the same font file on our graphics machines and it will be substituted with a default font. (not applicable to jpg, gif, tif, bmp, etc.)
- To avoid art fees on screenprinted work, please submit vector art or a full photoshop file with colors trapped.

These Items Don't Stitch Well in Embroidery:
- Shadows on small objects
- Tiny Text/Pictures
- Very Fine Details in artwork
- Fades between colors
The above items do not appear well in small area embroidery designs. However, if the design is large, such as on a jacket back, all of these details show up great.

Screenprinting Considerations:
- More colors usually look better and more professional
- Sometimes simplicity rules over complexity
- Elegance is key, imbue it in your designs

Below is an example of an acceptable artwork file and following is a 2 inch stitched sample of the same design.